AFC: AAC / SF invited to replace Sourense dropout

AFC: AAC / SF invited to replace Sourense dropout

Archive-Pedro Ramos

"The Official Football Rules (RPO) of the Coimbra Football Association (AFC) does not provide for any conditional or special arrangements in case of need to replace a club that gives up." This is the understanding of the AFC Justice Council (CJ), which therefore recommended that it be Academica / SF to remain in the Honor Division and not Poiares to be invited up from the 1st Division to the highest senior men's soccer team in Coimbra.

“In the CJ / AFC's view, the issue of filling a vacancy with a team's withdrawal should be resolved with respect for equity values, keeping the last club that would descend beyond the last ranked club,” said the statement, yesterday sent to newsrooms.

This is because “in the view of this CJ / AFC, the raising of a third club from the 1st District Division to the Division of Honor would enjoy an excessive benefit”.

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