Afonso Dias presents today a poetry book «Manifesto»

Afonso Dias presents today a poetry book «Manifesto»

The artist Afonso Dias will present today, Thursday, 3rd, at the António Ramos Rosa Municipal Library, in Faro, his new poetry book, entitled «Manifesto».

The presentation of the book will be in charge of Fernando Santos Pessoa, who signs a note in the publication, whose preface is in charge of José Fanha.

The session is scheduled for 18:00 hours, in the auditorium of the Faro library, with free entry.

Afonso Dias, musician, singer, poet and actor, was an anti-fascist activist and, after April 25, 1974, one of the founders, alongside Fausto and José Mário Branco, among others, of the GAC – Cultural Action Group, which promoted hundreds of shows across the country in the years that followed.

He was a deputy to the Constituent Assembly by the UDP, having approved the current Constitution of the Republic. He has lived in the Algarve for more than three decades, where he has performed hundreds of recitals of music and poetry, solo or accompanied.


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