After 40, even the air becomes fat. Physician explains why – Weight and Nutrition

After 40, even the air becomes fat. Physician explains why - Weight and Nutrition

If you have to eat less, but the changes you are going through push you to eat more, how to lose weight?

Choosing diets that lead you to cut certain foods will not be effective because at the first opportunity you will consume everything you have deprived yourself of. It is important that you re-feed yourself by losing weight in this way and maximizing these results by adopting a new diet and lifestyle that will respect your body's new needs.

The protein diet

An alternative that has proved effective in combating overweight at this age, is the protein diet, of very low caloric value, prescribed by a physician and carried out with the support of a multidisciplinary team.

This treatment, which culminates in the dietary reeducation of patients, allows the body to enter into controlled ketosis – using fat deposits as an energy source – through strict control of the established food plan.

In this way a quality loss of weight is made, with significant reduction of the fat mass, especially the visceral fat, at the same time that the lean mass is preserved. Lose weight faster, healthier and without hunger.

The effectiveness of this type of treatment is three times higher than the hypocaloric diet. At the end of two months it is possible to lose up to 15 kilos, compared to the 5 kilos of a habitual calorie diet. The results of this study demonstrate a new insight into the approach of overweight and obesity by proving that rapid weight loss brings health benefits, thus breaking the myth that losing weight quickly proves ineffective in the long run.

Difficult but not impossible

In addition, performing this treatment with medical follow-up, together with the specialized support of dietician-nutritionists, physical activity technicians and coaching professionals, favors long-term weight maintenance. This is because the support and guidance of professionals avoid excesses and deviations from the established diet plan, contributing to the results are visible from the beginning, which translates into greater motivation and commitment to weight loss.

Losing weight from the age of 40 is difficult, but it is not impossible. Do not settle. Decide and make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in this type of dietary re-education, which will help you and guide you in the weight loss process.

The explanations are from the doctor Sinthia Puttini.

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