Aga Khan Music Awards Delivered in Lisbon at the End of the Month – Showbiz

Aga Khan Music Awards Delivered in Lisbon at the End of the Month - Showbiz

The awards ceremony, from 29 to 31 March, is organized in collaboration with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

In this edition are nine winners and 14 finalists of the Performance Award, which come from 13 countries and "represent various forms of professional achievement," according to the Foundation.

In addition to Performance, the scope of the Prizes includes the categories of Musical Creation; Education; Preservation, Revitalization and Dissemination; Social inclusion; and Important and Lasting Contributions to Music, and also awarded the Patron Prize to the Iranian musician Mohammad Reza Shajarian.

The award is presented to Reza Shajarian "in recognition of his lasting contribution to the musical heritage of mankind, his unequaled musical mastery and his repeated social impact as an interpreter and teacher both in Iran and beyond its borders," according to the same source.

The Agã Khan Creation Prize will be presented to composer and pianist Franghiz AliZadeh of Azerbaijan, "author of a prolific repertoire of classical music for a concert inspired by the venerable musical and literary traditions of Azerbaijan."

Education at the Omnibus Ensemble, based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where he works "to create an artistic approach between local maqomclassic traditions and the languages ​​of contemporary music", and Social Inclusion goes to Badiaa Bouhrizi, also known by his the artistic name Neysatu, is a singer-songwriter from Tunisia who "has used her musical talent to promote social justice and the values ​​of pluralism and democracy."

The Aga Khan Prize for Preservation, Revitalization and Dissemination to Farhod Halimov, a singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Samarkand, Uzbekistan, who has been preserving the traditional repertoire of classical songs from Samarkand; and the Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments in Duchambé, Tajikistan, which has preserved and revitalized the musical heritage of the peoples and cultures of Central Asia, and in particular the Ismaeli musical culture of the Pamir region of Tajikistan, according to the same source.

Oumou Sangaré, "a renowned singer-songwriter from Mali, known for her commitment to the training and development of young people's careers in music-related professions," said Oumou Sangaré, of Important and Lasting Contributions to Music.

Another distinguished personality with this award is Ballake Sissoko, a kora musician and composer also from Mali, who "developed the art of kora in creative and innovative ways, but at the same time firmly rooted in tradition", and Dariush Talai, a tar musician and setar, an Iranian musicologist, composer and educator, "who is being recognized for his exceptional dedication to the transmission of the tradition of classical tar execution through his various activities as an artist, educator and scholar."

"The winners will share a total prize pool of $ 500,000 and collaborate with the Music Awards to expand the impact of their work and develop their careers," according to the Aga Khan Foundation.

As for the finalists of the Performance Prize, "they will perform for a live audience, which will include the Grand Jury, which will announce the winner of this category after the performance of all the finalists, in a ceremony of delivery of prizes to be held place on the night of March 31, "the Foundation announced.

The 14 finalists are four Iranians, Arash Mohafez, santur, Reza Parvizade, Kamancheh, Nasim Siabishahrivar, voice and Shahou Andalibi, Persian ney, three Palestinians, Ahmad Al Khatib, oud, Nai Barghouti, voice and flute, and Huda Asfour, oude qanun , an Indian, Sougata Roy Chowdhury, sarod, and Asin Khan Langa, voice and sarangi, a Turk, Burak Kaynarca, oud, a Pakistani, Ejaz Sher Ali Khan, voice and harmonium, a Lebanese, Abeer Nehme, Mohamad Osman, oud and Buzuq, and the Egyptian, Mustafa Said, oud.

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