Agnès Varda: with the director died "a way to make cinema" – Current events

Agnès Varda: with the director died "a way to make cinema" - Current events

With the death of the French director also disappeared "a way of making cinema and an understanding of cinema that she pioneered," said researcher António Preto.

With the death of French director Agnès Varda, on Thursday at the age of 90, "a way of making films and an understanding of the cinema of which she was a pioneer disappeared," researcher António Preto told Lusa.

"She is a representative of this new way of looking at the possibility of filming and the world through the camera.It was a profoundly curious director, deeply disturbed and deeply generous.The films translate all the dimensions of her person, which is confused with the work" , said the director of the Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira.

António Preto, who wrote the award speech for Agnès Varda's Lusophone University honorary doctorate in 2016, emphasized that the death of the filmmaker is "a huge loss for European cinema and for author cinema."

"He never exempted himself, never separated the different discourses he was producing about the contemporary world," he said.

In the world of cinema the declarations of sorrow and admiration for the work of Agnès Varda multiply.

"She is a great lady of cinema and a huge lady who is leaving us." For 90 years, she has followed the history of the cinema, was always ahead of everyone, and was the first to make films that influenced the Nouvelle Vague. to the AFP the director Claude Lelouch.

"Varda has left, but Agnes will always be present, intelligent, cheerful, sweet, witty, funny, astonishing as her work, her films are our treasure," wrote former Cannes Film Festival President Gilles Jacob.

The Cannes Film Festival, which awarded him the career prize in 2015, speaks of "immense sadness" over the loss of a figure who appropriated cinema with "infinite inventiveness." "The place she occupied is irreplaceable," reads the Twitter social network.

"Generous, joyful, deeply human, Agnès Varda illuminated our lives through his films of crazy inventiveness," replied the president of the National Cinema Center (CNC) Frédérique Bredin, adding that "he brought through his works, his struggles for the rights of women ".

The Cahiers du Cinema magazine – which gave him a special issue in 2018 for the 90 years -, the French Cinematheque, which recovered a film lesson from Varda last January, the DocLisboa festival, which programmed Varda's films, also resorted to social networks to mourn the death of the filmmaker.

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