Agricultural diversification in the Algarve should include avocado

Agricultural diversification in the Algarve should include avocado

Agriculture is a fundamental sector for the diversification of the Algarve's economy and ALGFUTURO defends in a statement, transcribed below in full, that the diversification of agriculture must pass through avocado, which must be one of the main bets in the region.

In addition to the technological innovations associated with the production of avocado, which creates new skills for farmers in the Algarve, it is emphasized that avocado has no environmental risks and can assert itself in foreign markets, constituting added value for Portuguese agricultural exports.

ALGFUTURO, a business association in the Algarve that brings together three dozen Associations, in addition to individual members, reaffirms its solidarity with the Algarve farmers who have been betting on avocado, having been demonstrated at a General Assembly of the association held over the weekend .

Thus, we appeal to public opinion and to all economic agents and to society in general to reject the criticisms that have been published about the culture of avocado in the region. It is necessary to demystify concepts and what he said.

There is talk of excessive water consumption, but the problem is not avocado, but an adequate water management in the Algarve, which has to start by solving the losses that flow from the mountains and barrocal to the sea – estimated at more than 1000 million m3 / year – or those resulting from the degradation of municipal pipelines.

Avocado has significant levels of profitability, with its production practically all for export and the respective currencies. This recent culture follows a route of innovation and modernization at a high level, namely with an exploration unit in which the most modern equipment for calibrating and packaging the product (Global Avocados) is operating in a covered area of ​​5000 m2.

ALGFUTURO is responsible for defending the truth and continuing to take measures so that this product of excellence deserves more and more monitoring and enhancement. The Algarve is only viable with products of excellence and high added value, instead of undifferentiated and massified at a low price as in tourism.

Naturally, diversification is also done with new technologies, with products from the sea and fisheries, new industries and without forgetting the program to give life to the interior and the mountains and guarantee water retention so that it strengthens the underground water channels.


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