Água de Monchique reinforces staff with 25 new employees

Água de Monchique reinforces staff with 25 new employees

The Sociedade da Água de Monchique (SAM) strengthened its workforce by hiring another 25 people and, on the contrary, increased workers' salaries by 10%.

The company expects to enter 2021, after an “especially atypical” year, with 65 employees, reinforcing its “capacity to respond to the increase in market requests”.

“In clear countercyclical to what has been the performance of many companies in Portugal, Água de Monchique, which had announced in the beginning of 2020 the hiring of 10 employees by the end of the year, was“ forced ”to review these numbers upwards taking into account the results achieved and the need to reinforce its production capacity, as a result of the increase in demand ”, stressed the company, in a statement.

Vítor Hugo Gonçalves, CEO of Sociedade da Água de Monchique, highlights “the incredible effort that all employees have made in the midst of all this pandemic crisis to keep supplying the market and the Portuguese with our Água Monchique”.

The Sociedade da Água de Monchique announced in February 2020 an investment of about 8.5 million euros that would allow it to double the production bottling capacity and thus be able to compete for the leadership of the mineral water market in Portugal.

This investment materialized in the installation of new bottling lines in the factory, which allowed to double the bottling capacity, going from 70 million liters / year to 140 million liters / year.

The majority of the employees of Sociedade da Agua de Monchique are from Monchique or nearby municipalities. “90% of our workforce comes from Monchique, where our production unit is based, or from neighboring municipalities. The geographical criterion is extremely valued by us! In this way, we want to make our small contribution to combat some of the regional asymmetries ”, highlights Vítor Hugo Gonçalves.


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