Águeda and municipalities in the region are those with the least personnel expenses

Ria de Aveiro

Águeda and the municipalities in the region have the lowest expenditure on staff working with the municipal councils per capita (compared to the number of inhabitants of the respective municipalities). Data are from Pordata for the year 2018 and recently updated.

The municipality of Águeda is ranked 257th among the 308 municipalities in the country, with a Euro-ratio of 183.7. In 2009, this value was 190.7.
Curious is the fact that Sever do Vouga (182.4), Albergaria-a-Velha (181.2), Anadia (174.6) and Aveiro (172) appeared in the immediate positions of Águeda, until the 261st place, This makes it possible to understand that the municipalities of the region are very close to the level of what they spend, on average, per person, in personnel at their service.
Oliveira do Bairro, with 211 euros-ratio is what has more expenses with staff in relation to the number of inhabitants in the county.
Compared to 2009, accompanying the drop in Águeda in personnel expenses are Sever do Vouga (era 194.6), Albergaria-a-Velha (184.9) and Aveiro (196.6). Instead, Anadia (was 126.1) and Oliveira do Bairro (164.1) spent more in 2018 than in 2009.
In the country, it is the Alentejo municipality of Alcoutim that spends the most (1,393.9), followed by Corvo (1,331) and Barrancos (1,135.9). The Alentejo Mourão and Ourique appear next. At the bottom of the list, spending less on staff in the ratio with the number of inhabitants, Caldas da Raínha (117.6), Leiria (106.5) and Santa Maria da Feira (104.6).


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