Águeda City Council approved accounts for 2017 with expenses higher than revenue

Executivo municipal de Águeda

The Municipality of Águeda executed 58.87% of the expected revenue for the year 2017, according to the management report approved by the majority of Juntos at the municipal executive meeting, with abstentions of the PS and the PSD. The expenditure execution rate was 65.07%

The municipality of Águeda had approved a budget of 49 million euros and 881,807 euros for the year 2017 – the last of the 12 years of the presidency of Gil Nadais – but the fiscal year of the year accuses prejudice: it stood for the 29 million and 365,282 euros in revenue (58.87%) compared to an expense of 32 million and 456,471 euros (65.07%).
The economic results indicate that the chamber did not materialize € 20.5 million from the initial budget, according to the budget and the major options of the plan approved for the last year of the previous executive's term.


In revenue, the municipality of Águeda executed 77.25% in current revenues (26.3 million euros) and only 19.35% in capital revenues (just over three million euros out of the expected 15.7 million).
In current revenues, direct taxes represent 100 percent of the forecast (9.1 million euros) and indirect taxes 88.66% (63.838 euros) but the highlight goes to the heading of fees, fines and other penalties, which exceeded the estimated amount in 200 thousand euros (represents an execution rate of 133.90%).
In capital revenues, the municipality provided for investment transfers in the order of 15.7 million euros but received just under three million euros (2,968,723 euros), which represents an execution rate of 18.85%.


In expenditure, the municipality of Águeda executed 76.86% of current expenditure (20.9 million euros for the municipality) and 50.90% of capital expenditure (11.5 million euros for investment).
For current expenditure, staff costs amounted to EUR 8.1 million (92.97%) and purchases of goods and services amounted to EUR 8.4 million (64.45%). All percentages of current expenses are higher than 77%, except for the acquisition of goods and services.
The municipality spent 9.5 million euros in capital goods acquisition (execution rate of 48.19% in construction and other investments) of 11.5 million of total capital expenditures. Capital transfers amounted to € 955,265 (54.32% of the execution rate) for parishes and associations of municipalities.

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