AHRESP and MONERIS launch PRE service to try to avoid mass insolvencies

AHRESP and MONERIS launch PRE service to try to avoid mass insolvencies

PRE – Business Revitalization Program, aims to analyze the real situation of the food and beverage companies and tourist accommodation and create tools that prevent the definitive closure

Within the scope of the insolvency intention, demonstrated by about 40% of the companies in the food and beverage sector in the last 3 months, AHRESP, in partnership with MONERIS, launched the PRE – Company Revitalization Program.

This service, which is already accessible to companies, aims to provide a set of tools for companies that fear being at risk of insolvency and on the verge of being forced to close their businesses.

The PRE intends to analyze the economic situation of the interested companies, presenting them with an integrated plan that prevents the definitive end of thousands of businesses and the destruction of many thousands of jobs.

This service is developed over three phases:

Phase 1 – Diagnosis: Analysis of the company's current situation and definition of the main lines of action to be developed to recover the business.

Phase 2 – Recovery Plan: Upon diagnosis, the company has the option to proceed with the structuring of the economic and financial recovery plan, as well as the measures and actions to be carried out.

Phase 3 – Recovery Model: As for Phase 2, this step is also optional. Here, the implementation models for each of the measures designed in the previous phase are developed, benefiting the company from dedicated monitoring of that same implementation.

Through this service, it is AHRESP's intention to avoid the closing of thousands of businesses, aiming that the adhering companies find new solutions for their activities, modernizing ways of working, communication models and even business.

AHRESP and MONERIS will develop this project at the national level, in all companies that propose to the PRE program.

The PRE is for any company, associated or not associated with AHRESP.


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