AHRESP meets with the Government and proposes measures

AHRESP meets with the Government and proposes measures

In a hearing held today with the Secretary of State for Tourism and with the Secretary of State for Commerce, Services and Consumer Protection, AHRESP – Association of Hospitality, Catering and Similars of Portugal, in a statement that in a meeting with government officials "called for the strengthening of existing measures and the design of new measures to support catering and the like and tourist accommodation."

In view of the current pandemic situation, AHRESP states that it is “The survival of the 120,000 catering, similar and tourist accommodation companies, as well as the maintenance of the 400,000 direct jobs they are in charge of, as well as many thousands of other companies and jobs that depend on and interconnect with activities referred to. ”

The association recalls that, since the beginning of the current pandemic situation, that AHRESP has been proposing measures that it considers essential to ensure the survival of companies and the maintenance of jobs in economic activities, with companies being compensated in an increased and differentiated way. , depending on the specificity of its activities.

After so many consecutive months of serious losses and billing levels close to zero, AHRESP considers the "urgent reinforcement of existing support measures and the implementation of specific measures to support employment, liquidity and capitalization of restaurants and similar companies and tourist accommodation."

In the letter, AHRESP recognizes the effort that the Government has made in creating mechanisms to support the economy, but, given its dispersion, complexity and eligibility limitations, it finds great difficulty in accessing them due to the nature of the business fabric of economic activities, that the association presented today a proposal for Measures, which defend:

· Employment support:

o Access to simplified lay-off by tourist accommodation companies;

o Inclusion of managing partners in the simplified lay off;

o Reduction to two levels in the Progressive Resume Support mechanism;

o Extension of simplified support for micro-enterprises to other companies.

· Liquidity support:

o Reinforcement of the Apoiar.PT and Apoiar Restauração measures;

o Access to support by ENI without dependent workers;

o Provision of support for recent companies;

o Support for companies with breaks equal to or greater than 15%;

o Reinforcement and revision of the access criteria for Apoiar Rendas;

o Expansion of the eligible contracts at Apoiar Rendas;

o Fixed rent exemption for establishments in shopping centers;

o Specific allocation for catering and accommodation on the COVID-19 lines;

o Conversion in a non-refundable fund of 20% of the financing of the COVID-19 lines;

o Extension of the grace period for the COVID-19 lines;

o Extension of the grace period for the Turismo de Portugal line;

o Catering access to the line for exporting companies;

o Extension of the moratorium on bank contracts;

o Medium and long-term amortization plans.

· Company Capitalization Fund

· Tax and Contributory Support

o Fiscal moratorium;

o Contributory moratorium and exemption from contributions.

· Support for Operation

o Repeal of the ban on the sale of drinks in take-away;

o Take-away operation in shopping centers;

o Single support access mechanism;

o Contracting of intermediate bodies to support companies.

· Recovery and Resilience Plan

o Specificity of the Tourism sector.

“Our companies are among those that generate the greatest indirect and induced effect in the entire value chain, and it is therefore absolutely necessary that every effort be made to maintain these activities, which will bring strong added value, contributing to the long-awaited recovery of the country ”, it reads in the statement.


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