AIA in Portimão received more than nine dozen national speed pilots – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

AIA in Portimão received more than nine dozen national speed pilots - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The International Autodromo do Algarve (AIA) last weekend hosted more than nine dozen riders of the National Motorcycling Speed ​​Championship (CNV), in which the presence of two dozen competitors to the queen class, the Superbike, surpasses in the all the eight dozen riders who were at the start of the season at the Estoril Circuit.

The changes requested by the drivers and teams of the categories in the course of the season are certainly one of the reasons why more riders are coming in the class this year of 2019 and if Estoril was the perfect scenario for the start of the season, the Algarve International Autodrome also confirmed with highlight scenario the lot of drivers that promises to encourage the CNV.

Admittedly fast in the Algarve, Ivo Lopes showed this even in qualifying when he put almost a second between himself and the driver who stood next to him on the starting grid for the first race, Tiago Magalhães, being the first of the seven grid lines with Pedro Nuno – one of the winners in Estoril – to close it. In the fifteen laps of the race the story had the same protagonists, who joined André Pires, with Tiago Magalhães leading in the first pass to 4562 meters of the circuit. Ivo Lopes was fourth at the end of the first lap after a less 'explosive' start but on the fourth lap – after two laps with André Pires in command of the peloton – was already the national champion to lead, a position that led to 'embrace' flag of Xadrêz at the end of the 15th race lap. André Pires was second – after passing Magellan on the seventh lap – until near the end when the rival jumped again to the middle step of the podium, holding the position in the last three laps and leaving the transmontano in third in front of Pedro Nuno, the room in front of Romeo Leite.

In qualifying for the second race Ivo Lopes returned to show his will on the 'roller coaster' and secured another pole in front of this made of Pedro Nuno and André Pires. Pedro Nuno was Lopes' main opponent this time, but on the fifth lap Ivo Lopes was already the commander and was again the first on the finish line with almost six and a half seconds ahead of Tiago Magalhães who after rolling much of the race behind Pedro Nuno and André Pires gave a lethal attack on the final lap to climb from fourth to second and double the result achieved the previous day, leaving Pedro Nuno in third place and André Pires off the podium and in front of Rui Reigoto, this time the fifth.

Kiko Maria

In PreMoto3 Kiko Maria repeated the victory achieved at the start of the championship and crossed the finish line after 12 laps with almost a minute of advantage over David Ferreira and already more than a lap in the clock face against the third, Rui Afonso. Tomás Alonso also repeated the first position of the previous race to be the best in the Supersport 300, in front of Vasco Esturrado and Pedro Fragoso. In Moto5 it was Tiago Balhé who made his debut on the highest step of the podium when closing the 12 laps of the race with 25 seconds of advantage over Pedro Afonso and almost 45 in front of Rodrigo Martins. Marco Mateiro was the best in the 85cc in front of Nuno Ribeiro and Bruna Santos.

In the ENI-TLC Trophy, the first day of competition was won by João Curva, Ricardo Almeida and António Reis, respectively in the Open, SBK and SS classes, with Abian Romero winning ZCup, the competitive and lively trophy with the Kawasaki Z900 this time they had 14 bikes on the track. In the second race João Curva and Ricardo Almeida repeated the dose, with Joaquim Boavida being the best in the SS this time. In the ZCup was also Abian Romero the fastest on the way to the finish, beating for only second and half Nuno Farias. Ricardo Silva and Tiago Pires were the best in their class in the first race of the Dunlop Motoval Cup, but in the second race was Jaime Coelho who climbed to the top step of the podium in class 1, with Tiago Pires repeating the victory in class 2.

The next event of the championship will again have as scenery the 'up and down' of the Algarve track, on 15 and 16 June.



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