Al-Muthamid Square hosts the 18th meeting of Janeiras

Al-Muthamid Square hosts the 18th meeting of Janeiras

O XVIII Meeting of Janeiras will take place on the 6th of January, at 7 pm, at Al-Muthamid Square. The event, organized by the city council, is part of the Silves Alegria do Natal program.

The Singing Group of the Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense, the Singing Group of the Casa do Povo of São Bartolomeu de Messines and the Singing Group “Amigos da Pedreira” are the groups of janeiros participating in this meeting.

Admission is free, but limited to 60 seats. To watch the Meeting of Janeiras, interested parties must collect their vouchers in advance at the Municipal Library of Silves or, on the same day, on the spot, from 6 pm, with availability limited to four vouchers per person.

DGS guidelines for outdoor shows:
In view of the period that is going on, the Municipality of Silves warns that, according to the guidelines of the DGS, the following rules must be complied with:

1. The venue will be delimited, access will be conditioned and controlled;
2. Crowds of people should be avoided when entering and exiting the enclosure;
3. Access to the enclosure only for voucher holders;
4. Spectators must wash their hands at the entrance and at the exit;
5. Follow the independent input and output circuits;
6. Comply with the extended public entry and exit period;
7. Entry and exit of public out of phase, complying with the distance rules;
8. Maximum capacity defined according to Guideline 28/2020 DGS;
9. Seating with a physical distance of 1.5 meters (open air);
10. Mandatory use of a mask;
11. It is not allowed to move the chair or change places;
12. Keep the safety distance (2 meters) whenever you walk around the room;
13. Spaces, equipment, objects and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected periodically, according to their frequency of use, according to DGS Guideline 014/2020.


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