Alain Delon: French film legend suffered stroke – News

Alain Delon: French film legend suffered stroke - News

Alain Delon, 83, suffered a "stroke and a slight hemorrhage a few weeks ago, and is currently" resting "in a clinic in Switzerland, her eldest son Anthony Delon said on Thursday. .

Their vital functions are "perfect and their condition stabilized, according to the doctors," said Anthony Delon, who said in his statement that the film legend was in intensive care for three weeks in Paris.

On May 19, the French film legend received an Honorary Golden Palm for his career as a whole.

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The leopard

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The leopard

The actor announced his makeover in 2017 after more than 80 films, including "The Leopard" by Luchino Visconti, winner of the 1963 Golden Palm, who, along with "Rocco and his brothers" and "The Samurai", marked generations of movie buffs. It was directed by great filmmakers such as Melville, Losey, or Antonioni.

Its popularity has fallen in recent years, especially due to its stances in favor of the far-right French National Front party, the death penalty, or homosexuality, which it considers "against natural laws".

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