Albufeira City Council helps with distance learning

Albufeira City Council helps with distance learning

The municipality of Albufeira purchased 694 tablets with classroom management software for Basic Education, 612 wireless routers with three months of mobile broadband service, Internet access with 75 GB per month and 110 laptops for secondary school students in the municipality, in a total investment of about 300 thousand euros.

José Carlos Rolo stresses that this is "another measure to support families in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic, which aims to promote equal opportunities in access to Education, allowing students to follow the National Distance Learning Plan successfully" .

The Mayor of Albufeira says that this is «a process conducted in close articulation with the three school groups in the municipality, which, at the request of the municipality, surveyed the needs of computer equipment and internet access for students in the 1st, 2nd , 3rd cycle and secondary education, on the basis of which the Municipality prepared the procurement procedures ».

José Carlos Rolo stresses that this is "one more measure of support for families that the municipality has been implementing to combat the impact of the pandemic within the scope of Covid 19, promoting equal opportunities so that nobody is left behind".

«We will provide all the necessary equipment and tools so that our Basic and Secondary students have access to classes and digital content, promoting equal opportunities and contributing to school success in this phase when it is necessary to resort to distance learning. This is a new challenge, for which we have to be up to the task so that nobody is left behind ”, concludes the mayor.


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