Albufeira creates support line for the educational community

Albufeira City Council helps with distance learning

From the first day of classes, the educational community of the municipality of Albufeira can access this telephone line at the cost of a local call. The telephone service counts on ABC doctors, who are available to assist in case of suspicious and / or positive cases, as well as in situations of doubts or behaviors to be adopted in case of alert.

It should be noted that the creation of this line is not intended to replace the SNS24 line, which must continue to be contacted whenever the situation so requires, but rather to provide an integrated response within the scope of the Adaptation Strategy of the Educational Community of the municipality with a view minimize the possibility of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19 disease).

The Mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo, says “we are living in a difficult period, of great uncertainty, which must be faced with all the necessary measures and a strong commitment to a good articulation between the educational community, the municipality, the authorities health and safety so that the school year runs smoothly and safely ”. The mayor also adds that “we are facing an enormous challenge and that is why it is essential to act consciously and with all the rigor so that we can transmit confidence and security to parents, students, teachers, educators and other staff, which we have been doing from the start".

It should be noted that within the scope of the Adaptation Strategy to the Educational Community, the Municipality of Albufeira has already invested close to 200 thousand euros in support services and various materials, namely in signage, posters, adaptation of isolation rooms, disinfectant solutions and other equipment necessary for all schools in the county. Together with the ABC and the school groups, the classrooms, common spaces (bathrooms, changing rooms, libraries, cafeterias, etc.) and circulation spaces were reorganized.

The process involved the entire school community and biomolecular tests were carried out preventively to teaching and auxiliary staff.

At the same time, surveillance in the surrounding areas was reinforced by the GNR, extended to the surrounding commercial establishments, with the support of the municipal Civil Protection service, which has also maintained its specific 24-hour line for support and clarification to the population. To support the effort to maintain security and the flow of access to the school, the GNR military has been reinforcing the Safe School program at the entrance of school establishments.

José Carlos Rolo underlines that the Adaptation Strategy to the Educational Community implies constant monitoring of all measures. "This is a program developed dynamically, in constant interconnection with ABC, and each School Group has a designated interlocutor to report and implement all the measures provided for in this context of public health".


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