Albufeira delivers computer equipment to high school students

Albufeira delivers computer equipment to high school students

After the delivery, in May 2020, of computer equipment to all school groups in the municipality (694 tablets for Basic Education students and 110 laptops for Secondary students), totaling 300 thousand euros, last week the Municipality of Albufeira offered new portable computers and routers with internet access for high school students.

“Distance learning returns this Monday, February 8, after classes were suspended on January 22, following the worsening of the pandemic. In Albufeira we are prepared so that everything goes as smoothly as possible, so that families are more relaxed and young people are better prepared to face this challenge with all the conditions and means necessary for the success of their learning ”, clarifies the Mayor of Albufeira.

Last week, the Mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo, delivered another 110 portable computers and 30 routers with internet connection to the presidents of the two School Groups with Secondary Education in the municipality, in a total investment of around 36,500 euros.

Upon the signing of Computer Equipment Transmission Contracts, which took place in the Paços do Concelho building, the Albufeira Poente School Group, represented by its president Sérgia Medeiros, received 45 portable computers and 17 routers, while the Albufeira School Group, represented by President Domingos Mendes, received 65 portable computers and 13 routers.

The needs assessment was carried out by the respective groups, which are responsible for distributing the equipment to the referenced students.

“The responsibility for the whole process was with the Groupings, and our concern was to acquire the equipment and deliver it to the schools in a timely manner, so that they reach the hands of the students who need them so that, in this way, they can continue their studies with the necessary means and within the normal range possible ”, emphasizes José Carlos Rolo, adding that this is yet another measure of support for families in the context of the pandemic, which also aims to“ combat inequalities in access to education ”.


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