Albufeira exempts economic agents from advertising fees

Albufeira exempts economic agents from advertising fees

After announcing the exemption from fixed water, wastewater and solid waste tariffs on January 14 to support merchants and industrialists in the municipality during the months of January, February and March, the exemption from payment now follows advertising fees, with effect from 1 January to 31 March.

“In view of the situation of public calamity caused by Covid-19, which has been going on since March with significant losses of revenue following the drastic decrease in economic activity, a problem aggravated this Monday, which led the Prime Minister to announce new measures to combat the pandemic and municipalities to act quickly to respond effectively to the setback seen in the gradual lifting of suspensions and interdictions enacted during the state of emergency and the state of disaster, as well as to reinforce the support measures previously adopted essential to overcome this difficult phase that we are going through, Albufeira City Council decided to exempt the payment of advertising fees for all economic operators”, Clarifies the Mayor of Albufeira.

José Carlos Rolo stresses that the Municipality has chosen to extend the measure to most economic operators, who have been struggling with the constant decrease in income over these ten months, so he decided not to make any case analysis.

The mayor takes the opportunity to appeal to the responsibility of all, individually and collectively, with regard to compliance with new measures aimed at strengthening the fight against the pandemic. “The economy is on track, families are going through serious difficulties, health professionals and everyone on the front line is exhausted, the capacity of hospitals on the red line, so we have to be aware and do our part by fulfilling all measures strictly ”.

It should be noted that after yesterday, Portugal became the country in the world with the most cases per million inhabitants and the second with the highest number of deaths, with 85% of the municipalities going to risk of extreme or very high contagion , this Tuesday there was another 218 deaths related to Covid-19 – a new daily maximum – and 10,455 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus, according to the Bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health.


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