Albufeira exempts payment for commercial spaces for another 3 months

Albufeira exempts payment for commercial spaces for another 3 months

With the worsening of the pandemic and the new Mandatory General Confinement, the Municipality of Albufeira had to re-implement a broad package of measures aimed at supporting the economy and mitigating the risk of contagion by the new SARS-VOC 2.

After the measures already announced in the last two days, the municipality has now decided to extend the exemption from the payment of monthly fees for commercial spaces inserted in municipal equipment, under contracts concluded or licenses issued, for another three months, that is, until the next March 31st.

It is recalled that on April 7, the Municipality decided, for the first time, to exempt these merchants from paying public space occupation fees until June 30, a measure that in the meantime was extended twice, first until September 30, and later until December 31st.

The mayor of Albufeira emphasizes that the municipality is aware that the economic effects of the pandemic will extend far beyond the period in which it is resolved, and it is essential to support families and companies as long as necessary.

“The inactivity experienced by the establishments and continue to be forced has caused serious economic problems for economic agents and their families, whose livelihood depends on you. On the other hand, the unpredictability as to the solution to the pandemic, which may arrive with the long-awaited immunity and a medicine that allows a cure, creates enormous uncertainty and anxiety in economic agents and families. It is up to the City Council to help the economy and protect the populations and that is what we have been doing since March and that we will continue to do by reassessing and implementing new measures whenever necessary ”.


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