Albufeira is "Municipality Friend of Sport" – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Albufeira is "Municipality Friend of Sport" - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

On 29 November, as part of the APOGESD (Portuguese Association for Sport Management) congress, Albufeira was recognized by this Association and the Social City as a "Friendly Municipality of Sport", given its good practices in this area. respective award.

Of the 16 Algarve municipalities, eight have obtained this distinction and from all over the country, 88 municipalities, including archipelagos, have been recognized.

The mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo, is satisfied with the recognition of the work of sports field developed by the whole municipality and says that there has been "an active policy regarding sport in Albufeira. In addition to the financial contribution to clubs and associations, which this year has already amounted to more than 300 thousand euros, we provide logistical and promotional support, we provide transport and fuel, as well as facilities for training and games. In addition to our Support Program for Sports Associations (PAAD), the hosting of several international championships of different modalities, and see our cross of the Acoteias, which is already a historical brand, the Sports Gala and much more. "Note As well as the events, Albufeira is equipped with several spaces, such as stadiums, swimming pools, lanes and others, for various sports. Of the approximately 5000 athletes, out of the 22 modalities in Albufeira, almost half are federated.

The "Friendly City of Sport" Program is a group of good benchmarking and training in relation to the intervention model of municipalities in the practices of physical activities and sports development as well as the results obtained by the Portuguese municipalities. Several awards were made for this award, such as: organization, sports planning and the economic dimension; facilities and sports organizations; physical activity, sports and training events; physical activity and sports programs; strategies and practices to promote ecological sustainability and energy efficiency; the practices of sports solidarity and the promotion of sports ethics and values; existing partnerships; the sporting reality and regular practice of physical activity; compliance with legislation and the implementation of marketing, communication and innovation strategies.

According to the national program official, Pedro Mortágua Soares, "this program is based on the assumption that sport and physical activity are factors of territorial development and improvement of the quality of life of its population, and good practices must be recognized in the "The program has the institutional support of the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, a tense presence at the ceremony, the president of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth .



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