Albufeira promotes free Yoga classes on the county's beaches

Albufeira promotes free Yoga classes on the county's beaches

Under the motto “Back to the Sea … with the attitude of changing”, the 26 beaches in Albufeira that host the Blue Flag, will have free Yoga classes for vacationers. It is one of the actions of the
Environmental Education program of the municipality, in order to provide well-being and physical activities to vacationers, ensuring the safety of all those present and their comfort. In July, classes are at 4 pm and in August at 10 am.

An information panel on the blue flag program and the marine and coastal environment is installed on each beach that honors the award. This year's motto is “Back to the Sea … with an attitude of change”. Vacationers can thus collect information about the correct use of bathing areas, the care to be taken in the context of the pandemic, recommendations regarding sun exposure, use of waste disposal containers, existence of a first aid station, lifeguard and respective rescue equipment, as well as interdictions with respect to compliance with the rules of the beach notice.

Yoga classes will be at 4 pm in July and at 10 am in August. This July, classes are on the following days and beaches: 20 – Rocha Baixinha Nascente, 21 – Rocha
Baixinha, 22 – Santa Eulália, 23 – Olhos de Água, 24 – Rocha Baixinha Poente, 27 – São Rafael, 28 – Oura, 29 – Oura Leste, 30 – Manuel Lourenço and day 31 – Evaristo Beach. In August, starting at 10 am, Yoga classes are: day 3 – Falésia Açoteias, 4 – Falésia Alfamar, 5 –Pescadores Beach, 6 – Inatel, 7 – Galé Oeste, 10 – Castelo, 11 – Galé Leste, 12 – Coelha, 13 – Arrifes, 14 – Salgados, 17 – Alemão, 18 – Peneco, 19 – Barranco das Belharucas, 20 – Maria Luísa and the last beach to have Yoga, on the 21st, is Aveiros.


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