Albufeira sensitizes to seismic risk – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Albufeira sensitizes to seismic risk - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC) of the Municipality of Albufeira joined the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) to carry out a public exercise to raise awareness of seismic risk.

The initiative entitled "The Terra Treme", which is already in its 6th edition, is part of the National Strategy for Preventive Civil Protection and is scheduled to occur simultaneously throughout the country on November 5 at 11:05 am coincides with International Tsunami Day.

The objective of the exercise is to empower citizens to know how to act in the face of an earthquake – which implies that everyone knows the preventive measures and self-protection behaviors to adopt BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the occurrence of this type of natural disasters.

The challenge is to mobilize as many people as possible, which can begin with a simple training based on "3 gestures that save" – ​​DOWNLOAD, PROTECT AND WAIT, in a national journey that aims to increase the resilience and safety of citizens.

The Municipality of Albufeira invites the population to participate in the "Terra Treme" exercise, for which it should promote its registration (at the individual level and / or the company or institution to which it belongs) by electronic mail.

At the same time, the Autarchy is developing an awareness campaign aimed at the entire educational community, clubs, associations and various entities of the county, by providing an information leaflet with the 7 steps to follow before, during and after an earthquake , document that also includes the telephone numbers to contact in this type of situations.

The highlight of the initiative is scheduled for November 5, at the Basic and Secondary School of Albufeira. The action, which will count on the presence of elements of the Municipal Executive, the Municipal Civil Protection Commission, the SMPC and the ANPC will begin, at 10:20 am, with the awareness raising action "Alerting and raising awareness about how to act before / during and after occurrence of an earthquake ". From 11:05 am the exercise "A Terra Treme" is also used to test evacuation procedures.

This will also be a feast day for the children attending that school, since "Valente" and "Valentina", SMPC mascots will be presented at that school for the first time.



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