Albufeira signs protocols to support associations

Albufeira signs protocols to support associations

After the signing of the sports development program contracts for the current year, contracts were signed with institutions and cultural and social associations in Albufeira. 11 contracts were signed, with a value of 318 thousand and 152 euros, «in order to guarantee, in the case of some, support to needy individuals and families (about 420 families) and, in the case of others, the continuity of their cultural activities », Assures the autarchy.

The Mayor of Albufeira de Albufeira, has no doubt that "without the institutions of solidarity, it would be very difficult to give a complete answer to all the growing needs that the current pandemic has generated in Albufeira". José Carlos Rolo stressed that «these protocols are carried out with a great thanks for everything they have done for those who need it most. In particular, these protocols target around 420 families ».

The social object institutions that are, in this pandemic phase, delivering monthly baskets to needy individuals and families and that were therefore the target of this support protocol, are: António Silva Leal Foundation (21 thousand euros), Portuguese Red Cross – Humanitarian Center Silves-Albufeira (21 thousand euros), Santa Casa da Misericórdia (31 thousand and 500 euros), Centro
Parish of Paderne (4 thousand and 200 €) and AHSA – Humanitarian Association of Solidarity of Albufeira (8 thousand and 400 €). In total, this support amounts to € 86,100 and was provided according to the number of people receiving assistance, food and health care.

As for cultural associations, “they are fundamental at this time, when the desolation is great, not only on the part of the artists, but also of those to whom the cultural activities are lacking, because it is also a food and gives encouragement, the same being able to say if from associations that deal with the youngest and teach them, whether with practical subjects or music, because we have to keep hope and continue to think about the future », said José Carlos Rolo.

In order to continue its cultural activities, six associations also signed protocols with the municipality, the amount of which amounted to 232 thousand euros. It was the Association of the Library-Museum of Jornal Avezinha, to maintain its museological collection and to continue the opening to the public of the Library and Museum (9 thousand and 600 €), of the Sociedade Musical e Recreio Popular de Paderne, which is 160 years old. of existence has a music school with hired teachers (40 thousand €), the Fábrica da Igreja Paroquial de Albufeira, to maintain its religious heritage, target of great tourist and cultural interest, namely the Mother Church, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Church of Sant'Ana (162 thousand and 975), the Association of the Algarve Jazz Orchestra, to hold three shows or workshops in Albufeira (€ 10 thousand), AANGA – Association of Angolans and Friends of Angola, for the continuity of its activities (€ 7,000) and PrimeSkills, which annually trains around 1,000 young people from Albufeira, in the areas of “Speaking in public”, “Curriculum and Interview”, “Non-verbal communication and assertiveness”, among others (12 thousand and 477 €).

José Carlos Rolo was satisfied with the signing of these protocols, “as they are always signs of life, movement and prominence. Albufeira can honor itself for its associativism », concluded the mayor.


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