"ALBUFEIRA SUMMER LIVE" promotes Destination of Emotions in July and August

"ALBUFEIRA SUMMER LIVE" promotes Destination of Emotions in July and August

"ALBUFEIRA SUMMER LIVE" is thus called one of the hottest events this summer, which in four dates and eight locations, will present several renowned artists, whose event is a festival broadcast exclusively online and which can be followed on the most diverse streaming platforms, in the months of July and August.

The Municipality of Albufeira wants with this initiative to promote some of the best scenery in the county, combining music with the best landscapes, so the quality of the artists guarantees a good couple of hours of entertainment, while the locals are in the secret of the gods, but according to the organization, they promise chilling images.

Kura, Pete Tha Zouk, Diego Miranda, Wilson Honrado, DJ China, Luizinho, Jay Martin and Bubba Brothers are some of the names that will go through ALBUFEIRA SUMMER FEST. This is a promotional campaign designed by the Municipality of Albufeira to follow exclusively online, on July 17th and 31st, August 7th and 20th.

The campaign translates into a set of four events to follow on different stream platforms. In addition to the aforementioned names, we highlight two unpublished and perhaps unrepeatable performances. We talk about the performance of actor Nuno Lopes, who shines on a large scale in the Netflix White Lines series. Nuno Lopes is also known for some performances as a DJ and accepted the invitation of the Municipality to act on board a marine-touristic vessel on a tour that will involve about a hundred vessels.

The Gift also accepted this challenge and will act in a surprise scenario created specifically for this moment, in what is certainly a unique moment in an exclusive scenario.

In all performances, there will be visual and musical surprises, as if to remember that Albufeira, despite the restrictions of the tourist activity, is very present and is part of the imagination of those who want to live a good bathing holiday.

This is precisely the objective of the Municipality, which, for José Carlos Rolo, Mayor of Albufeira, “cannot fail to invest in the promotion of its landscapes, animation, joy and happiness that the tourist activity provides to those who visit us. visit ”. For the mayor, “this initiative serves not only to promote the destination, but also to take those who this year, for the most diverse reasons, cannot visit us, a little of what our municipality is, inland and on the coast, with its unique colors and landscapes ”, adding still being“ very expectant regarding this initiative that is different and we think, will have a strong impact on those who truly like Albufeira ”.

The production guarantees that the means involved in capturing images will allow a dynamic and appealing style of realization that privileges the natural beauty of the municipality and the surrounding areas, where a differentiating scenario was created with the addition of audiovisual equipment for each performance. An event up to the status of Albufeira as the main tourist destination in the region.


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