Albufeira with 12 students in the intercity phase of the CNL

Albufeira with 12 students in the intercity phase of the CNL

National Reading Contest with 12 students from the three school groups, from the various levels of teaching in the intermunicipal phase

This is the 14th edition of the National Reading Contest (CNL), an initiative under the responsibility of the National Reading Plan, which aims to encourage the practice of reading, develop written and oral skills and evaluate the reading of literary works by students. The event is aimed at students from the 1st to the 12th year of schooling.

In Albufeira, the jury constituted by Ana Miguel, Miguel Salvado and Vanda Prazeres, librarians of the Municipality, received a total of 28 works in video support, having been selected 12 students (3 from each level of education), who will represent the municipality in intermunicipal phase, next April, in Tavira. The written test (online) is scheduled for the 13th of April and the oral test for the 20th of the same month, with live transmission through the Facebook page of the Municipality of Tavira.

The selected students (for each level of education) who will represent Albufeira in the intermunicipal phase are the following:

1st Cycle – Laura Pessoa (EB1 / JI de Vale Pedras); Leonor Reis Gomes (EBI / JI de Paderne) and Cristina Graça (EB1 dos Caliços)

2nd Cycle – Alice Baião (EB2,3 Dr. Francisco Cabrita); João Brito da Mana (EB2,3 Dom Martim Fernandes) and Letícia Correia (EB2,3 Prof.ª Diamantina Negrão)

3rd Cycle – Raquel Charrua (EBSA – Basic and Secondary School of Albufeira); Mara Filipa Monteiro (EB2,3 Dom Martim Fernandes) and Joana Cabral e Silva (EB2,3 Dom Martim Fernandes)

Secondary Education – Mónica Filipa Raimundo (ESA – Secondary School of Albufeira); Miguel Bazelga (EBSA – Basic and Secondary School of Albufeira) and Isabel Basílio Bentes (ESA – Secondary School of Albufeira).

According to the jury, despite the difficulties inherent in this atypical phase that we are experiencing, the new strategy adopted for the presentation of the works proved to be quite beneficial, “resulting in greater creativity and commitment on the part of the competitors, with the advantage of facilitating the exhibition and analysis of the works, in a medium well known to young people ”. It should be noted that there were no previously mentioned works – each participant chose a book of their preference to present in the competition – which was certainly an added motivating factor.


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