Albufeira with water of exemplary quality – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Albufeira with water of exemplary quality - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The municipality of Albufeira once again received the "Exemplary Quality Seal of Water for Human Consumption", awarded by the Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority (ERSAR).

This is the third time that the Autarchy has been awarded a prize that aims to reward water excellence, while at the same time evidencing the rigorous system of evaluation of the services provided to consumers.

The awards aimed at identifying, distinguishing and disseminating Portuguese reference cases related to the provision of public water supply, urban wastewater sanitation and urban waste management services were awarded on November 22 at the 13th Conference Water, in Lisbon, at a ceremony in which the Municipality was represented by the councilor Cláudia Guedelha, responsible for the water and sanitation sector.

Satisfied by this recognition, the mayor said that "the distinction attributed to the Municipality of Albufeira gives the guarantee to the population and the thousands of tourists who visit us throughout the year who can drink the water of the tap with confidence."

It should be noted that the allocation of the "Exemplary Quality Seal of Water for Human Consumption" shows that all the criteria established by the regulator were met, which means that all the analyzes scheduled in the water quality control program were carried out, which reached 99% at the level of compliance with the parametric values ​​of routine control (coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli), as well as all the parametric values ​​of smell and taste.

Reacting to this distinction, the president of the Autarchy, José Carlos Rolo, underlines the importance of this recognition and says that the award "attests that the water that runs on the faucets of Albufeira is a water of excellent quality and one of the best in the Country."

The autarch recalls that "the prize is a way of giving visibility to the work carried out by the Autarchy, not only with regard to the investment made in the construction, renovation and modernization of water supply infrastructures – which in the case of our county has to be oversized to cope with the exponential increase of the population during the high season – but also with regard to water quality control, objectives with which this Executive is strongly committed. "

It should be noted that the municipality of Albufeira provides a resident population of 40,828 inhabitants, a number that shoots up to the 85 thousand of floating population throughout the year and to the 400,000 during the high season, being that the volume of water supplied reaches the 12 million cubic meters distributed along 760 kilometers of conduits.

The ERSAR initiative, which is carried out in partnership with the newspaper Água & Ambiente, was attended by a jury composed of several representatives of the sector, namely the Portuguese Water Distribution and Drainage Association (APDA), the Portuguese Association of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Association (APESB), the Portuguese Association of Water Resources (APRH), ESGRA – Association for Waste Management, APEMETA – Portuguese Association of Environmental Technology Companies and DECO – Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection.



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