Alcoutim remains a «Sport-Friendly Municipality»

Alcoutim remains a «Sport-Friendly Municipality»

The Municipality of Alcoutim was distinguished, for the third consecutive year, with the banner of «Municipality of Sport», rewarding the intervention model in sports development and good practices in this area.

The recognition was made by the Portuguese Sports Management Association (APOGESD) and the online platform Cidade Social.

“This program constitutes a group of good benchmarking and training practices in relation to the model of intervention by the municipalities in the practice of physical activities and in sports development, as well as the results obtained by the Portuguese municipalities and it is also assumed as a network of sharing that privileges the monitoring, recognition and dissemination of good practices in the municipal scope of sports development in Portugal, starting from the projects and actions implemented in each municipality adhering to the program ”, emphasizes the Alcouteneja municipality.

The municipalities, when adhering to this system, enjoy, throughout the year, various benefits and activities, such as seminars, training credited by IDPJ, in an e-learning regime, through moodle; participation of technicians from the municipality in the APOGESD congress with special conditions audits with visits and a report with detection of opportunities for improvement, which works as an internal working document for the municipalities.

“Over the years, the chamber has been implementing a policy of good practice in sports development that covers different age groups (children, youth, adults and seniors), modernizing its sports equipment, as well as establishing partnerships and supporting sports associations. of the county, ”says the executive led by Osvaldo Gonçalves.

The award was given to the councilman of Sports in the municipality, Luís Conceição, accompanied by the vice president, Paulo Paulino.

“We are aware that physical and sports practice is an extremely important social asset and that it is our obligation to provide all the means necessary for citizens to have access to it. This award rewards and recognizes the work and commitment that the council has done in the municipality in favor of sport, promoting sports and improving conditions that enable residents to enjoy and develop their sporting activity, but also in supporting communities and promoting sport for all, ”said Luís Conceição.


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