"Algarve 2020" Business Forum – "Resisting and overcoming the virus crisis" – Algfuturo

"Algarve 2020" Business Forum - "Resisting and overcoming the virus crisis" - Algfuturo

Algarve leads the ranking of the safest tourist destinations in the world

In a world in deep economic, social and psychological depression and deeply traumatized with a universe of uncertainties to which the new virus launched general disorientation to old problems, it has to react quickly by the dawn of a sun of hope.

However, it is necessary to have a broad vision to respond to what is urgent, but already with the perspective of taking advantage of the opportunity to solve structural problems of decades.

This is the task that the BUSINESS UNION OF THE ALGARVE pioneered once again, carrying out on June 19 (Friday) the ALGARVE BUSINESS FORUM 2020, under the title "RESIST AND WIN THE VIRUS CRISIS".

In a phase of profound difficulties, Mayor of Faro, Rector of the University, official entities, businessmen and technicians come together to seek to "tie the ends" of the pointed problem, taking stock of the situation and projecting the future in the first big meeting post-virus joint reflection.

Economic and financial problems in the region and companies, employment, solidarity, general state of the economy, etc., seeking to see further than the immediate, will be in objective analyzes by various specialists, Civil Protection, Health, professional training, Inspection of Economic Activities, university knowledge, the strength of reality through associative leaders, etc.

A prominent role in the water problem, with the presence of one of the greatest specialists in Portugal, Professor António Carmona Rodrigues.

The ALGFUTURO business association, within the line of permanent reflection and proposals, will present a starting document as a contribution to the specific problems of the Algarve, having a term aspect but with a strong impact on the perspectives of the coming months in view of the decapitalization of companies and black clouds of the unemployment in the face of the sharp drop in tourist demand, the real spring of the entire economy and society in the region.

In this respect, it is now recognized worldwide that the Algarve is one of the regions that offer the highest anti-virus security, requiring, on the one hand. the proper promotion and, on the other hand, sticking needles between all entities to further reinforce the destination of Excellence that is the Algarve.

The work takes place in the large amphitheater of Gambelas (UALG), respecting all the recommendations of the DGS. In addition, it will be broadcast live, via the internet.

Registration is open through ALGFUTURO contacts, limited to the capacity of the space. More details will be given next week.


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