Algarve band "Plasticine" performs at Teia 19

Algarve band "Plasticine" performs at Teia 19

On the 3rd of July, at 10 pm, Plasticine will perform on the online concert platform, Teia 19.

The Algarve band brought together 11 musicians for a performance of three themes, live in the cultural center of Lagos.

The final result of this day of recordings can be seen on July 3, at 10 pm, on the website of the Teia 19 project. This online platform for artistic content was launched in late March with the aim of minimizing the loss of income of the community artistic. The site will include data for donations that go directly to the artists involved.

With the context of the pandemic imposing an empty auditorium, the technical team involved, heard the band play two new themes and the single from the album released at the end of last year. The Plasticine event will be the twenty-first of Teia 19 and the link can be found in the digital spaces of the band and the platform. However, it is also possible to access the band's website.


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