Algarve businesspeople meet online and decide to ask the Minister of Economy for an audience – Algfuturo

Algarve businesspeople meet online and decide to ask the Minister of Economy for an audience - Algfuturo

Situation is catastrophic in all sectors of activity in the region

Through Algfuturo – União Empresarial do Algarve, entrepreneurs in the Algarve create a historic milestone by holding an online round table for analysis and search for solutions to the problems of all sectors of the Algarve economy in an integrated and supportive perspective, informs the Algarve association in a statement, which we transcribe in full below.

Among associative leaders, businessmen and university professors for about three hours, the 50 participants and intervening despite the regret and bad feeling for the forgetfulness of the central power of the region and the very serious crisis in the present (the most serious in the country), more than criticizing the Government, what stood out with deep echo was the cry of RESPONDEMENTE PRESENTE, we are determined to win and ready to sit at the table with the Government to debate and agree on the main bases of an Affirmation and Economic Diversification Plan of the Algarve (PADEAL).

Reason for hope deserved the vaccine for the virus, and also the "Guadiana Solution", already announced by the Government and which is urgent to be approved by the European Union, as it generates millions of investment intentions in agriculture. Solution that was accepted by the Minister of the Environment, after a great mobilization of Algfuturo, agricultural associations and farmers.

Accordingly, the Direction of ALGFUTURO will request an audience with the Minister of Economy.

A review of the year 2020 was made, sector by sector, which in general, and considering the dominant components of Gross Value Added, was catastrophic, with an estimated fall in turnover of around 6 billion euros.

In tourism, which directly and indirectly drags more than 60% of the economy, the estimate for this year is a drop of around 12 million overnight stays and the income per room will be around 500 million.

In the face of data on overnight stays, hotels, maritime-tourist activities, transport. catering / entertainment, commerce, services, real estate, construction and others were dragged; fishing has also been severely affected and economic and social life in general. Most of the agricultural sector had a good year, with the exception of viticulture in turnover. The mountain economy, too, for the great part of the activities related to tourism, and areas of the fires in the windward, were sacrificed. It results from the above, a very strong regional decapitalization, mainly in terms of 71,164 companies with less than 10 workers.

The new Central Hospital, railway network, no tolls, road network, WWTP (s), power distribution networks, telecommunications and public and private transport networks merited a claiming consensus.

Agriculture claimed the end of poor relatives in community support, pest treatment, laboratory availability at the University, namely to assess the characteristics of PGI brandy; incentives to attract young people to agriculture, appropriate measures for the forestry sector, community funds adjusted to the region for agriculture, fisheries (fleet renewal imperative); levels of fish stocks recovered, alleviating restrictions in particular on fishing for sardines, mackerel and horse mackerel; renegotiate fish tac (s) and quotas in the EU; revitalization of vineyards and wine; etc.

In another perspective, the digitalization of companies and betting on renewable energies, new technologies and circular economy (ongoing experience in Ilha da Culatra), as well as a Plan for the Interior and Mountains, are essential for the renewal of the productive fabric and regional balance.

DETERMINANT is that everyone is convinced that the world is changing, more demanding, more environmental, more sustainable. Basically, more demanding in excellence, a fundamental aspect in the conversion of tourism, whether in accommodation, in other products, or in the environment.

The great Round Table does not claim privileged status over other Regions, but due to the serious investment gaps in the public sector so far, the much that in recent decades the Algarve has contributed to Portugal and the "deadly" impact that the pandemic has had on the region, be certain that the region will be treated accordingly.


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