Algarve champion Carlota Sério ended season at a ceremony with sponsors

Algarve champion Carlota Sério ended season at a ceremony with sponsors

Young pilot Carlota Sério (CSC # 28), in a ceremony that took place yesterday evening at the Eva Senses Hotel in Faro, a hotel unit in the capital of the Algarve, ended the 2020 season, in which she won the title of National Class Champion 2 – 110cc.

With due precautions, due to the pandemic, bringing together almost fifty people, most of them sponsors of the young pilot at the age of 10, the ceremony allowed to show everyone a summary of the season with presentation of photos and videos of the pilot's training and tests .

As for the next season, the objectives are much higher and ambitious, taking into account that the small Algarve pilot was invited by the MM15 Team to participate in the Spanish Cup and the National Championship, which includes track training in the set of events and preparation. , motocross and trial, which are much more demanding.

According to Carlota Sério's parents, everything was presented in a first phase to show that the values ​​needed for the next season will be much higher, requiring the presence of more sponsors.

The event culminated with the delivery of a souvenir to all those present, as a way of thanking them for their support, and the little pilot was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a symbolic trophy for winning his first title of National Champion, saying if, the first Algarve to achieve such an achievement in the world of two wheels.


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