Algarve company collaborates on the Triller application that has already convinced Donald Trump to join the network

Algarve company collaborates on the Triller application that has already convinced Donald Trump to join the network

Most downloaded app in the world in 85 countries that has become TikTok's main rival

The Algarve technological company Dengun, based in Faro, is one of the responsible for the success of the Triller application, which already has 50 million users and has already convinced Donald Trump to create an account on this social network.

Dengun was hired to work on the development of Triller in early 2018, when the application had 10 million users, but had problems dealing with the growth of users.

“Our main challenge was to stabilize the infrastructure, to be able to deal with the overhead caused by the activity of the users of the application”, stresses Miguel Rocha Fernandes, founder of the Algarve company.

Dengun developed a whole new infrastructure of fixed servers and the work of the Algarve company was recognized, having been responsible for managing the project internationally, with a team of 30 people.

“On the application's website, Faro was highlighted as one of Triller's international delegations, alongside Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Paris”, praises the executive director of Dengun.

The partnership between Dengun and Triller continued until March this year, when the application received an investment of 100 million dollars.

The Algarvian company helped Triller restructuring the server infrastructure and, with that, allowed to increase the number of users supported at the same time, until it received this funding.

“We are proud to have Dengun as a development partner. During our partnership, Dengun proved to be a professional, proactive and trained team, providing the necessary solutions for the long-term stability of the project. Thanks to Dengun's understanding of our vision, we were able to make this project a success ”, acknowledges Mike Lu, CEO of Triller.

Triller is an application for iOS and Android that allows the creation of short videos and is currently the main “rival” of the TikTok app, which in recent weeks has managed to reach the first place of most downloaded applications in 85 countries.

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, recently created an account on the app, joining Kevin Hart, Vanessa Hudgens or Victoria Secret models.

Dengun is one of the companies that is part of the Algarve Tech Hub, a project that involves companies and public partners and that wants to promote in the region the creation of an environment that attracts digital nomads and remote workers and promotes the establishment of more intellectual capital in the areas of technology and innovationtechnological companies.

“If we can create an ecosystem that is sufficiently advanced in certain areas of knowledge expertise, that gives rise to some‘ unicorns ’, what impact would that have on the economy? Information and Communication Technologies can, in the medium term, produce as much of what tourism already produces for the Algarve and Portugal, without being held hostage by market fluctuations or situations like the pandemic ”, considers Miguel Rocha Fernandes.


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