Algarve develops strategy to become gastronomic destination – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Algarve develops strategy to become gastronomic destination - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) presented this Thursday, 11, a study on culinary and oenological tourism, which will allow to elaborate new tourist offers for the region.

The study aimed to analyze the culinary and oenological tourism concept, evaluating the potential of the demand and the tourist profile, identifying the market trends and defining the value chain and the best strategies of commercialization / internationalization.

Culinary tourists have the main motivation of the trip to participate in cooking activities, interacting with people and places that allow them to understand different gastronomic and oenological contexts, both from the point of view of food, as well as in their confection / transformation.

The study analyzed, in several marketing platforms, the offer of culinary and oenological tourism existing in Portugal and other European markets. "Portugal also reveals a reduced offer", with only 37 such programs being identified, of which nine in the Algarve.

The main national and international "stakeholders" that can support the development of new concepts and programs, as well as the definition of positioning, commercialization and internationalization of future culinary and oenological tourism programs in the Algarve were also identified.

The peculiarities of local cuisine and the richness of the Algarve's endogenous products, as well as the region's unique settings, will be the starting point for creating thematic programs and proposals that place food and local products at the heart of the development of this tourist product in the destination , highlighting the uniqueness of the local gastronomy to stand out from the competitors.

"The culinary and oenological tourism is of strategic importance for the Algarve. Not only as an element of differentiation of destination, because it is a unique product of high quality, but also for its role in blurring seasonality and developing the local economy, preserving the culture, lifestyles and traditions of the Algarve . This can be a good opportunity to revitalize and diversify tourism in the Algarve, "said the president of the RTA, João Fernandes.

The study "Culinary and oenological tourism – Knowing the market, trends, defining the value chain and marketing strategies / internationalization" came about within the scope of the Algarve Cooking Vacations project, an innovative program of creative tourism that has the support of CRESCAlgarve2020 / ERDF.



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