Algarve has theater, dance and "fables for not falling asleep"

Algarve has theater, dance and "fables for not falling asleep"

From 6 to 8 November, in Aljezur, there is another show with the signature Lavrar o Mar. 5 Fables for not falling asleep da Companhia Chaótica is for all ages. Inspired by five of the seven deadly sins, he humorously criticizes the obsession with power, money and competition and transforms the sins of gluttony and laziness into virtues. Through the theater of objects and puppets, a talent inherent to their age is returned to the little ones: the healthy misunderstanding of the most common vices in the world of adults.

On November 7, at 9:30 pm, in Faro, the 6th edition of the Encontros do DeVIR Festival ends with a double dose: Maybe She Could Dance First and Think Later is a landmark in Vera Mantero's choreographic journey and is part of the history of contemporary Portuguese dance. It was with this solo that the author found part of her identity in relation to the movement, the way of being on stage, the instruments and elements she uses to create and act. Although it debuted in 1991 and was presented by DeVIR in 1994, it is still alive and justifying this "rescue".

After, Under the Flesh it is "a current, necessary and intense show, anchored in a very specific political context", according to the organization. "It is supported by a text with a surprising, almost hilarious humor, which puts the audience at the center of a death threat situation", he adds. Live music, historical context and traditional Lebanese dance accompany a choreographic discourse that narrates the experiences of a people at war since 93 and raises the question of the body in extreme situations of wars that fuel political migratory movements that are destined for Europe .

On the same day, in Lagos, at 4 pm, À Babuja has two actors and a musician who embody an Algarve epic. «On a sunny day, a man lets go of his routine and, inspired by an adventure book, gives free rein to the horse of imagination. This modern-day knight needs a co-pilot, a noble lady to snatch with a serenade and enemies. A D. Rodrigo and a arbutus would also not fall ill».

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