Algarve Hotel Union says regional strike “achieved goals” – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Algarve Hotel Union says regional strike “achieved goals” - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The management of the Hotelaria do Algarve Union made a positive assessment of the outcome of the August 1 regional strike in the Algarve's hotel, restaurant and similar sector, having achieved the three objectives set.

One of the objectives of the strike was to “get the message to the workers that the fight against low wages and the degradation of working conditions must be raised by a fairer distribution of wealth” through the general increase in wages. and the defense of the rights that the bosses want to undermine.

The second objective was to "publicly denounce the difficult situation that workers in this sector are experiencing and to warn employers and the government that there is an urgent need to change wage policy and improve working conditions in this sector".

Finally, the union can assert itself "among workers and make a contribution to strengthening unionization and organization in the workplace".

According to the union structure, the strike was expressed “a little across the region”, with several workers asking for information about the right to strike and going on strike for the first time.

The highest adhesions were registered in some places, such as INATEL Albufeira (95%), in the maintenance of Quinta do Lago Golf (over 50%); Amendoeira Golf Resort (100% in the caddy section and 90% in the maintenance of the golf course); in the food and catering service in the hospitals of Faro and Portimão (70% and 60%, respectively).

In the meantime, the union has already sent new meeting requests to the AIHSA and AHETA employers' associations to try to reach an agreement, which has been scheduled for August 21.



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