Algarve hoteliers ask the Government for "urgent allocation" of non-refundable support

Algarve hoteliers ask the Government for "urgent allocation" of non-refundable support

For the Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA), according to the news published by RTP, citing Agência Lusa, the pandemic crisis caused by covid-19, worsened the economic and social situation in that region, "decapitalizing companies and leaving them on the edge of an unprecedented economic precipice, with unemployment reaching levels unthinkable and never experienced before. "" Avoiding an unprecedented economic and social catastrophe and saving tourism in the Algarve, requires urgent and enlightened intervention at the highest level governance ", the association claims in a statement.

For hoteliers, according to the same news published by RTP, "it is an obligation and a national duty to save what is viable and can be saved", otherwise the future of the Algarve and the country "will be compromised, as well as the whole tourist activity, as one of the most powerful, strategic and priority sectors of the Portuguese economy ".

"In the name of regional and national public interest, it is important to ensure that, in the recovery phase of the tourism economy, companies are prepared to respond, quickly and effectively, to the enormous challenges of a complex, difficult and obviously very competitive future" underlines the association.

In the opinion of hoteliers, the management skills acquired, as well as the entire circuit involving the tourist business, "are assets that must be preserved at all costs, and cannot and should not be ignored, since they are crucial to face the future. successfully".

"We cannot compromise the economic recovery of tourism and the Algarve, leaving tourist activity to the taste of international circumstances, (…), without knowledge accumulated over decades, as an indispensable competitive asset to ensure an economic and social recovery. in the post-pandemic period ", maintain hotel businessmen.

To safeguard the future of tourist companies, AHETA asks the government to, within the scope of the Specific Emergency Plan to Recover the Algarve, "approve the urgent allocation of financial support, in the form of non-repayable grants", either for recapitalization of viable companies, either through the injection of financial flows to strengthen the cash flow of regional hotel and tourist companies.

"The economic situation of companies in the region is sustained by making capital-intensive investments through the use of foreign capital and other financing solutions, so the impact of the pandemic crisis on companies' treasury over the past few months has accentuated not only the decrease in business revenues, but also non-compliance with financial and other commitments ", indicated the association.

AHETA, chaired by Elidérico Viegas, considers that it is up to the Government "to create the financial and fiscal conditions aimed at preventing the collapse of companies, preparing them for the challenges that will come, because fragile companies are not competitive".

"Not being prepared to respond to the challenges of the recovery is to prolong the disastrous consequences in which we are immersed for years and years without end. They lose businessmen, but they also lose the country's economy and, most of all, our workers and the population in general ", concludes the business association. (sic)


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