Algarve hotels with 4% occupancy in March

Algarve hotels with 4% occupancy in March

The hotel occupancy rate in the Algarve in March was 4%, according to provisional data advanced today by the Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA).

According to the hotel association, “the average global occupancy rate / room was 4.0%, 86.0% below the value recorded in 2020 (92.2% below the value of 2019)”.

The domestic market fell by 21.6% and the foreign market fell by 94.4%. Sales volume also decreased compared to the same month of the previous year (-91.6%).

"In accumulated values ​​for the last twelve months, the occupancy / bed registered an average decrease of 68.3% and the volume of sales decreased by 64.9%", also underlines AHETA.


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