Algarve incubators have returned to "meet" online with a focus on the pandemic

Algarve incubators have returned to "meet" online with a focus on the pandemic

The Association Algarve STP – Systems and Technology Partnership and the University of Algarve (UAlg) organized, within the scope of the Algarve Tech Hub, the third informal meeting, bringing together public and private incubators in the Algarve.

The meeting was held remotely, with a session of about an hour and a half, bringing together representatives of the incubators of the Algarve, representatives of CCDR and IAPMEI also participated.

The agenda for this third informal meeting was specifically designed for these circumstances, focusing on the difficulties associated with the coronavirus and the problems faced by incubators and incubators.

Algarve STP proposed an agenda focused on three main points, the difficulties experienced by the incubated companies, the measures implemented for each incubator and the difficulties not yet overcome.

“All incubators have taken steps to reduce the impact on companies and all have responded with measures to continue, even remotely and routinely, the dynamization activity for companies. For process efficiency, this meeting used tools for online sharing and retrospective analysis of ideas ”, stresses Algarve STP, in a statement.

The final objective was to create a dynamic of informal mutual assistance, exchange of experiences and solutions that can be useful to overcome this crisis situation.

To this end, a specific group was also created in the Whatsapp application, also open to the participation of incubators that were unable to attend the meeting online. Interested parties should contact Algarve STP and give authorization for this purpose ([email protected]).

In this session, Start Up Portimão, announced the start of the first 1st Online Acceleration Bootcamp in the Algarve to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in a pandemic time, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, the 21st.

A fourth meeting is also scheduled for 14 May 2020 in Faro, if the emergency situation allows it. Otherwise, it will also be performed on the remote session model.

The meeting will, of course, also be open to technicians from incubators who have not had the opportunity to participate in previous meetings and to entities that express interest and that operate in this area.

The ASTP Association is a private non-profit association that brings together public and private members, assuming, in the region, the functions of a Digital Innovation Hub, the fourth entity recognized in the country by the European Union, with the objective of creating strong links between companies and scientific research institutions, operating at European level and exploring the areas of technology.

The session was organized under the KCITAR project, funded by the CRESC Algarve program.


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