Algarve Operational Program supports new technological specialization courses

Algarve Operational Program supports new technological specialization courses

The Algarve Operational Program approved the applications of training operators for accredited Technological Specialization Courses (CET), with emphasis on the Tourism Hotel Schools of Portugal.

CETs are technical training courses at post-secondary level not higher (level 5 of the National Qualification Framework), which combine general and scientific training with technological and practical training in the context of work, and aim to meet the need for intermediate staff necessary for the improving the competitiveness of businesses and the regional economy.

For young people, CETs provide an opportunity to improve qualification, update and / or specialize in activities with high employment potential, enabling them to enter the labor market more qualified. In the case of the Hotel and Tourism Schools, the employability rate after the completion of the training has been over 73%, and that of continuing studies to the higher level of almost 20%.

In the context of the 17 new courses now approved, more than 330 young people are expected to qualify in training actions that represent almost 500 thousand hours in training volume.

Its realization will mean a public investment of more than 2 million Euros, of which 80% is reimbursed by the European Social Fund (ESF).

See here this and other projects supported under the Operational Program of the Algarve, with the support of European Union funds.


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