Algarve rapper Subtil releases second album of originals

Algarve rapper Subtil releases second album of originals

The Algarve rapper Subtil released his second album of originals, «C'Alma», which includes 16 themes, among which the «singles» «Ser Eu», «Trajetória» and «Respirar de Alívio».

The album is now available on all digital platforms. In just 30 days, Subtil “flooded” the internet with 16 video clips, one for each song.

After «Aquem-Mar», launched in 2018, Subtil now brings “16 originals that express a wave of the artist's wishes and desires”.

“It is with great dedication that Subtil brings us his way of seeing the world. Subtil says he just wants to be himself and go where he's never been. He tells us that he lives his dream and that composing is free, words that are part of the single «Ser Eu». In addition to the delicately selected words, the melodic choices are part of an intimate record of the artist ”, says the rapper's press officer.

All the tracks on «C'Alma» tell stories “closely linked to the artist's state of mind” and are released with a music video, available on his youtube channel.

João Fontes, known simply as Subtil, born and raised in the Algarve, officially started in music at the age of 14, with his first appearance in the compilation «Gijoe A.K.A Sickonce», among other loose songs that he was always creating in his adolescence.


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