Algarve Regional Directorate for Culture opens applications for DiVaM 2021

Algarve Regional Directorate for Culture opens applications for DiVaM 2021

The Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve (DCRAlg) opened applications for the programming of the 2021 edition of DiVaM – Dynamizing and Enhancing Monuments, according to the theme "Heritage, Community and Inclusion".

“Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year DRCAlg considers the granting of support on an extraordinary basis, where current expenses of the structure are eligible, provided that they are duly justified, up to a maximum amount of 15% of the total support granted, ”explained the entity in a statement.

Assuming that heritage must be, “above all, a citizenship project and that it cannot be out of step with people”, the intention is to build “a cultural program that promotes a true and honest dialogue between communities and monuments”.

“Because the heritage can only be effectively valued if it has real significance in the daily life and in the life of its communities, and because it is understood that the“ spirit of the place ”can be continuously rediscovered, if there is a real inclusion of the communities in the construction process some questions that need to be answered are raised ”, points out the Regional Culture Department.

“What do the people who live there say about these monuments and their history? Do they share the same speeches? What other stories and memories will you have to tell? What is the personal and emotional connection of people with these material and immaterial heritage testimonies? What is the real role of heritage communities in the heritage management and valuation process? What are the narratives that can be built from there, in addition to the “authorized patrimonial discourse”? ”, He asks.

Reinforcing the purpose initiated in previous years, DiVaM intends to continue promoting the basic principles of the «Faro Convention», “with the active participation of the surrounding communities in the process of deconstruction and heritage construction, placing people and human values ​​at the heart of the question".

With “Heritage, Communities and Inclusion” as a central theme and calling for the inclusion of communities in the process of building new cultural projects, DRCAlg invited all cultural associations in the Algarve region to submit applications for the programming of DiVaM 2021, by the end of February.

The application and support rules and the form are available here.


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