Algarve Tourism Offices reinvent themselves to support entrepreneurs in the sector

Algarve Tourism Offices reinvent themselves to support entrepreneurs in the sector

Turismo do Algarve reinvented its network of tourist offices and trained its professionals to inform businessmen in the sector in the region about the support provided by Turismo de Portugal.

After assessing the availability of hotels to accommodate health professionals and joining a campaign to collect foodstuffs for families in poverty, the Algarve Tourist Offices now support companies that try to maintain their activity and their respective jobs since the start of the pandemic.

The objective is to identify the novelties of the second phase of the treasury support line for Covid-19 tourism micro-companies, provided by Turismo de Portugal.

This new model of collaboration, which allows personalized information to be sent to local tourist companies, stems from the necessary proximity that already existed with businessmen in the sector.

With reduced face-to-face service and the provision of tourist information directed to channels such as online, the opportunity was identified to reinforce the service provided by the professionals of the 20 Tourism Offices tutored by the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA).

These are now a first-rate contact with local companies in their respective municipalities, in order to disseminate support lines and other useful information for the activity, referring them to the RTA Entrepreneur Support Office for future help or further clarification. .

The treasury support line for Covid-19 tourism micro-companies, made available by Turismo de Portugal, is aimed at tourist micro-companies that show little capacity to react to the strong retraction in demand that has been registered.

It was reinforced to respond to the immediate financing needs of these companies, safeguarding their full activity and their human capital, and whose endowment now amounts to 90 million euros. It will allow, under certain conditions, that 20% of the value of the support already granted or the support to be granted can be converted into a non-refundable incentive.

The new Apoiar.PT program foresees an allocation of 750 million euros in non-refundable funds, financed by European funds, for micro and small businesses in commerce, restaurants, tourism and cultural activities that have registered revenue losses of at least 25% in first nine months of this year. Aid from Apoiar.PT will be granted from 25 November, but companies can already anticipate the first step of the application through their registration at the 2020 Desk.

In addition to the treasury support line for micro-enterprises and the Apoiar.PT program, the Government also provides additional funds for the catering sector located in high-risk municipalities, in order to compensate for the losses suffered over the past two weekends. mandatory closing time from 1 pm, imposed by the state of emergency.


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