Algarve Tourism promotes destination for organizing international events

Algarve Tourism promotes destination for organizing international events

Last week Turismo do Algarve organized the Algarve Virtual Destination Showcase, an online workshop aimed at the British market to promote the destination in relation to the organization of events.

“The initiative made it possible to bring together British professionals and tourism companies in the region from a distance connected to business tourism, with a view to enhancing the attractiveness of events.

The initiative was aimed at professionals from the United Kingdom specialized in this area and brought together 33 participants, who were presented with “the added value of the region” for the organization of international corporate and associative events.

Throughout the workshop, these professionals had the opportunity to get to know the diversity of the destination's offer, as well as the facilities and services that the Algarve offers for associative and corporate events, through two sessions conducted by the Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA) – body responsible for promoting tourism in foreign markets – and Faro Airport.

Taking into account the current context, all the strengths of the region and its companies were also highlighted in terms of meeting the hygiene and safety requirements to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The Algarve Virtual Destination Showcase also allowed its participants to meet and contact directly with several tourism companies in the region dedicated to the area of ​​events and members of ATA.

In total, 257 «one-2-one» meetings were held, which constituted a privileged “showcase” for each of these companies to make known the specific services it offers to meet the various needs of this segment.

"The feedback obtained from the participants in this action was very positive and allowed us to confirm that the Algarve maintains its notoriety and a 'top of mind' position with the British market with regard to international destinations for holding events", stresses the Algarve Tourism.

According to the information collected, the demand remains and awaits only the return of the possibility to travel safely, as well as the stabilization of the new protocols for the organization of events.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were invited to participate in a quiz and to demonstrate the knowledge acquired about the Algarve, having been awarded to the winners as a prize for stays in some of the best hotels in the region.


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