Algarve unemployment rises 134.2% in October

Algarve unemployment rises 134.2% in October

The number of unemployed people enrolled in employment centers in the Algarve increased 134.2% in October compared to the same period in the previous year. The data were released by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP).

At the national level, unemployment, on average, increased 34.5% during the month of October (in year-on-year terms), having decreased 1.6% in relation to last September.

According to data released by the IEFP, at the end of October, 403,554 unemployed were registered with the employment services of the continent and autonomous regions, representing 71.8% of a total of 561,829 job applications.

Unemployment in October 2020 increased in most regions, except for the Autonomous Region of the Azores, with the sharpest increase being recorded in the Algarve.

The most pronounced increase occurred in the accommodation, restaurant and similar sectors, with 83.1%. Sectors such as transport and storage (63.3%) and real estate, administrative and support services activities (49.9%), also registered marked increases.

At the end of October 2020, unsatisfied job vacancies totaled 15,294 at Employment Services across the country.


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