Algarve with no memory of such a bad tourist year – AHETA

Algarve with no memory of such a bad tourist year - AHETA

In 2020, the Algarve recorded the worst tourist year since memory, both in terms of occupancy rates and in terms of economic and business results.

In a statement, AHETA, Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve, advances with the numbers of 2020.

Turnover fell by more than 800 million euros during the year, (-65.1%), resulting from declines in demand from the main external issuing markets, (-75.1%), while the domestic market, despite the increase demand in the summer months, ended the year with less than 1.1 million overnight stays and 335 thousand guests, (-21.2%).

Therefore, the average global occupancy rate recorded reached 27.7% in 2020, corresponding to 8.7 million overnight stays, the worst record ever. It is recalled that the Algarve, in 2019, had an average occupation of 63.2%, that is, more than 24 million overnight stays.

Total overnight stays decreased by 15.3 million (-63.6%), of which 14.2 million were foreign tourists (-75.1%), with special emphasis on the United Kingdom (-83.2%), which period, there was a decrease of 6 million overnight stays and 1.1 million guests. All markets recorded very steep declines.

Germany fell by 68.8%, corresponding to less 1.65 million overnight stays and 270 thousand guests, while the Netherlands decreased 54.7% (0.8 million overnight stays and 102 thousand guests) and Ireland decreased 90 %, that is, 1.3 million fewer nights and 227 thousand guests, to name only the most important foreign markets.

"In these terms, it is estimated that the tradable goods generated by tourism in the Algarve have decreased, this year, by more than 5 billion euros. In addition, the travel and tourism item of Banco de Portugal (BdP) presents, in 2020, reduction of the order of 10 billion euros of tradable goods ", concludes AHETA.


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