Algarvio José Uva guided Patrícia Mamona's recovery from covid-19 to gold

Algarvio José Uva guided Patrícia Mamona's recovery from covid-19 to gold

Athlete tested positive for the new coronavirus on January 20 and reported several symptoms, which left her "out of bed" in a few days. Progressive return had to be shortened, explained the coach.

The Algarvian José Sousa Uva, coach of Patrícia Mamona for about two decades, recalled yesterday that the European triple jump champion on the indoor track might not have been able to participate in the European Championship, with covid-19 limiting participation in qualifying events.

Mamona, who won in Torun, Poland, one of three Portuguese golds (Auriol Dongmo and Pedro Pichardo were the others), tested positive for covid-19 on January 20.

After 10 days of stopping, and several symptoms, from loss of taste and smell to “severe muscle pain” that left her, in a few days, “without getting out of bed”, the return to training was gradual.

A 17-day progressive return protocol, explained José Sousa Uva, born in Faro, during a session organized by the Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP) with several coaches of national teams en route to Tokyo2020, was 'shortened' to just seven, because otherwise it “spoils the whole season”.

Recovery with training from when Mamona "was 12"

“We were very conservative and careful, with typical training sessions when Patrícia was 12 years old”, explained the coach who has coached the athlete for two decades.

Later, and returning to form, tests on covid-19 with inconclusive results were calling into question the qualification for Torun, the latter preventing the flight to Madrid, for the 'meeting' in the Spanish capital, on the last day for the qualification for the European Championship.

“The coaches are stubborn, so we drove to Madrid”, he reveals, with the athlete then obtaining the 'passport' for the championship so desired, already after having competed in the Championships of Portugal.

On March 7, Mamona shone in Torun, with a jump of 14.53 meters, a new national record on an indoor track, achieving the fourth medal in major championships at the age of 32.

Coaches approached planning and management methods for preparing athletes

The round table promoted by the COP, via telematics, took place under the theme “Specific preparation for Tokyo2020 in different modalities”, with coaches Ana Hormigo (judo), João Abrantes (athletics), Carlos Cruchinho (swimming) and Rui Fernandes (Canoeing) ).

The coaches exposed the different methods of planning, periodizing and managing the preparation of athletes on their way to the Games, which Rui Fernandes classified as “not the most difficult ever, but they are close by”.

The Tokyo2020 Olympic Games will be played between July 23 and August 8, 2021, after being postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic.


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