Algarvio Ricardo Mestre wins 29th Grand Prix Jornal de Notícias – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Algarvio Ricardo Mestre wins 29th Grand Prix Jornal de Notícias - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Ricardo Mestre, who represents W52-FC Porto, won today the 29th Grand Prix Jornal de Notícias Leilosoc, in Gondomar, managing the advantage he had to secure the "yellow sweater".

Joni Brandão (Efapel) triumphed for the third consecutive day and finished 2nd in the overall standings, ahead of Alejandro Marque (Sporting / Tavira) in the 6th and final stage, of 187.2 kilometers, between Porto and Gondomar. ).

"It was a very difficult victory, because Joni Brandão showed to be very strong. I have the happiness of being in the best team. Me and my teammates managed to control the race. All stages had important moments, but the double sector stage was the most decisive, "said Ricardo Mestre.

The last GPs of the Jornal Jornal de Notícias were exciting, with multiple attacks from the start, but W52-FC Porto showed confidence in the skills of the Algarve's Ricardo Mestre, a native of Cortelha (Castro Marim).

The only escape with some margin occurred after the second flying goal, with 120 kilometers, while the main group was reduced by the constant attempts of attack.

Efapel, who had already gotten Joni Brandão to win the two flying goals, giving up 6 seconds, took the head of the yellow jersey group and opened the way for his leader.

Brandão fired two kilometers from the finish line on the most demanding ramps to reach the finish line, and cut the isolated goal, taking the third consecutive victory.

António Gomez, from Rádio Popular / Boavista, one of the survivors of the escape, got the 2nd, 6 seconds, and Daniel Silva, also the goodwiters, was 3rd, 8 seconds, the same disadvantage registered by Ricardo Mestre, 4th place, who successfully defended the leadership of the general.

Frederico Figueiredo and Alejandro Marque, Sporting / Tavira duo, were 5th and 6th, with the same time as Mestre.

The Algarve finished the 29th Grand Prix Jornal de Notícias with 20: 33.24 hours of racing, 36 seconds less than Joni Brandão, 2nd place, and 59 fewer than Alejandro Marque, 3rd.

Frederico Figueiredo was 10th, at 2.42 minutes, and Vicente de Mateos the best element of Aviludo / Louletano in the 11th, at 3.43 minutes.



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