Algarvio Vítor Lopes holds command of the Portuguese Open

Algarvio Vítor Lopes holds command of the Portuguese Open

The Algarvian Vítor Lopes held on Saturday the command of the Open of Portugal at Royal Óbidos, shared with the British Nathan Kimsey and Andrew Wilson, also playing the third round with five more Portuguese who passed the cut.

The 24-year-old performed a touch of magic on the 18th hole to put himself back in the lead: an exit from the bunker that almost entered the hole and gave an eagle, nevertheless resulted in a putt for a birdie »(-1), leaving him in 1st place with eight strokes below the« par ».

“I'm happy to have finished hole 18, because I wasn't finding my swing. I really hope to find out what happened on the field, because it was really an emotional battle and at the level of "swing", I wasn't doing the rotation as I wanted, but I managed to finish with a "birdie" and I'm ready for the last two days " , said the Algarvian, who competes on the Alps Tour (one of the third European divisions).

On a day when the wind blew, but not in a storm, and it hardly rained, the players caught up on the second lap, which was delayed due to bad weather on Friday, and started the third lap.

The other Portuguese to pass the cut were Ricardo Santos (-2), Stephen Ferreira (-2), Pedro Figueiredo («par»), Ricardo Melo Gouveia (+1) and Tomás Bessa (+2).

The third lap starts again at 8:15 am today, Sunday. The plans of the European Tour consist of maintaining the same player formations for the last round and as soon as the third one finishes, it starts immediately for the fourth round, also with two holes departing simultaneously.


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