Aljezur fights for sea bream

Aljezur fights for sea bream

The municipality of Aljezur addressed the Secretary of State for Nature Conservation, Forestry and Spatial Planning and Secretary of State for Fisheries, a communication requiring the assessment of the ordinance that defined the closed season for sea bream fishing, which began on February 1 and ends on March 15, which has been repeated every year since 2014 in the Costa Vicentina and Sudoeste Alentejano.

In the communication addressed to these two Secretaries of State, with responsibility for the matter, the municipality recalls meetings and positions taken in the past, namely in a meeting held in Aljezur, with several heads of these State Secretaries, where the mayors of the municipalities of PNSACV and a group of representatives of recreational fishermen.

In the letter now sent, some questions are asked about the ordinance in question and its effects, as well as the areas where fishing is prohibited, namely in the Rogil area:

The questions:
How is the status of the sargo resource, what monitoring has been done and what results and data have been achieved?
– When will the revocation of the ordinance in question be canceled?
– Still, in this same meeting, was the issue of areas of fishing interdiction, which remain without, apparently, any scientific study supporting and monitoring them, and so on?
– How is the MarSW Project doing, which may help "conclude the need for a review of these limits and / or the creation of new areas of interdiction"?

«The feeling of injustice continues and worsens, with the moment that the country crosses, and when fishing is, an activity that is rooted in the culture of the people of these municipalities, demanding its evaluation and its revocation», concludes the executive.


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