Aljezur gives gold to Grupo Desportivo Odeceixense

Aljezur promotes solidarity court

The Municipality of Aljezur delivered, in a public ceremony in the City Hall, on December 28th the Municipal Medal of Sport Merit – Grau Ouro, to the Sports Group Odeceixense.

The Odeceixense Sports Group, created in 1974 shortly after 25 April, has known throughout its existence, successes and failures, has achieved a heritage that has made available to its members and the general population. Among the various sports, soccer, table tennis, gymnastics, among others.

Nowadays, it has a range of recreational activities, including gymnastics, hip hop, snooker team, indoor soccer, organizing various cultural events throughout the year. Actively participates and collaborates with the council and the parish council in various initiatives that mark their associative life.

This distinction now attributed to this club, “which has greatly dignified and honored the municipality of Aljezur, is the recognition by the thousands of athletes who have practiced in these clubs over the years, as well as the hundreds of leaders who were members of the various bodies. of them and who have worked hard and dedicated to the public cause ”, concludes the local authority.



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